Process Identificaton and Termination

Learn how to use the Linux terminal to identify running processes and terminate them

Steve Smith, host of your TQA Weekly, explains how-to determine running processes within Linux using the terminal, and how to terminate any process using its process identification number.

Episode #2-24 released on March 11, 2012

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To view a program process, or to kill a program process, that was a request from one of my viewers, today, I teach you both, in Linux, and best of all, its easy to remember.

Computers and automobiles have a lot in common. A lot of people have them, and very few know how they work. Well, unlike cars, operating systems don't require another computer to see what is happening under the hood, or in this case, background. In Ubuntu, and most other distributions of Linux, you can determine what is running using a basic set of commands, and even terminate the processes currently running.

As usual, this requires you enter into the terminal, which is done by depressing the Crtl-Alt-T on your keyboard.

To view the current processes in your computer, type, in the terminal, the command ps. This will display a list of currently running processes with their associated PIDs. A PID is a process identification. You can also type ps axu, so see all running processes on your whole system, and using ps -e will only giving the PID and name of all processes currently running.

In order to terminate a process, you only have to type in kill PID, PID being the process identification number determined by the ps command in the terminal.

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