Speeding Up Your Experience On The Internet

Learn why your browser may slow your internet down, and how-to speed it back up.

Steve Smith, host of your TQA Weekly, explains how-to have a better internet browsing experience.

Episode #2-22 released on February 26, 2012

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Everyone wants to have a better experience on the internet. We'd all like to load pages instantly, and not have to wait for files to finish downloading. The issue we are getting is that we are getting slowed down by our devices, and browsers. Today, you'll learn what is happening, and how to fix it. And, my suggestions for replacement browsers, a list of free add-ons to make web-pages load fast, and a suggestion for possible types of add-ons to use to make your internet experience better.

Let's start by comparing a web browser to something you may understand easily. Imagine your browser is a bedroom. A freshly installed browser with no add-ons loads faster, downloads pages faster. And, like a bedroom with tons of clothes on the floor restricting floor access, a browser with tons of add-ons will take more time to load, and may slow down your browser's ability to load every web-page.

So, how does one make the internet experience more enjoyable and streamline the process of navigating the internet?

Let's explain the basics of the browser itself. Like, some of the most popular anti-viruses, browsers can sometimes have too much coding and applications in the base model. Some browsers, like Internet Explorer, are just out right dangerous to use, due to the continued usage of ActiveX. In order to make your internet run faster, you need to tell the browser to block third party content like advertisements, run with a minimum of plugins or add-ons, because these may be communicating with the internet, and taking up bandwidth. You can do this by just telling the browser in the options to block them, or you can use an add-on like Ghostery. This add-ons can block advertisements completely, or selectively.

You could also try deactivating scripting, which may break some web-sites, but with the right add-ons, you can activate selectively. Add-ons like Firefox's Noscript, or Chrome's ScriptNo, are designed to allow the user to deactivate scripting in pages. Now, if you do use these applications, you may want to allow web-sites you visit often the ability to use scripting, if they in fact need it.

Now, another way to speed up your browsing experience, use a lighter browser. A lot of people use Internet Explorer, and many still use the latest version of FireFox. While, we all know Internet Explorer eats a lot of resources, the current Firefox eats far more into our system resources, slowing our internet session drastically, and this combined with all the add-ons people tend to use with FireFox, making a change in the core code necessary, or at least, addressing the memory issue related to the problem of system resources.

Some suggestions you should try when it comes to browsers are Safari, which by default blocks third party web-sites from installing cookies, and Google's Chrome, which is extremely light-weight on system resources. Both of these run clean, and both support the modern HTML5.

Next week, I will introduce you to the world of image tags and achors. And, by special request, the following week, I'll bring you back to the terminal in Ubuntu to learn how to find out which applications or processes are running, and how to terminate them, if the need ever occurs.

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