Save the files before X-Mas

Learn how to access your Windows Drive with Ubuntu to recover your files

Steve Smith, host of your TQA Weekly, explains how to recover files in Ubuntu from a Windows Drive, also introduces TQA Weekly Application, and the Secret Contest.

Episode #2-14 released on December 18, 2011

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Today, I demonstrate how to use Ubuntu to recover files from a Windows based hard drive, making file extraction in panic situations easier. Best of all, this skill can be applied to your computer easily if Ubuntu is pre installed, running from a live disk, and will even work with Apple Macintosh. No operating system is impossible to go into by this means.

Welcome to the last episode of TQA Weekly in 2011, I will be taking two weeks off for x-mas and new years, so to finish the year on a good note, I will show you how to recover your files from Windows, or any other operating system, on an internal or external drive. This is a great skill to have when you need your documents to be saved, but it does have its normal limitations.

How about I explain when this trick will not work, then I will demonstrate how it works with Ubuntu 11.10.

So there are several reasons why this means may not work. One, obviously, if the hard drive has some kind of mechanical or electrical failure, it will not work, at all. Two, if you attempting to remove the hard drive from a computer that actively uses a trust platform module, which encrypts the hard drive completely, it can still have the data recovered if you use Ubuntu within the computer of origin, and that the encryption is operating system independent. Three, the computer's operating system is independently encrypted. And lastly, You using a security function as part of Windows 7, and other operating systems, that prevents other operating systems from being boot before Windows 7, or others, loads, that needs to be turned off for this trick to work. Needless to say, this would normally work under most conditions. TPM modules are rare in desktops, and most people do not actively use encryption. Windows 7, although, comes pre locked, if it crashes you need to use your recovery disc first.

So, how does this trick work. Well, when you load Ubuntu, if it was installed along side of Windows, using the Windows installer, all you need to do is go to the file system, head towards the host folder, and you instantly have access to Windows. If you using a live disc, or an external drive, you need to load or mount the drive. Now days, mounting is automatic, and the drive is normally already posted on the desktop, or within the Unity menus. I will show you both situations within the demonstration I will do.

Now, in order to save your documents, use a different external drive, or burn to disc. Finding a disc burning solution is easy, one called Brasero comes installed already, and works exactly like other popular burners in Windows, drag and drop, then burn.

Now, for the really fast demonstration of file access and recovery.

Now, like I started saying at the beginning of the episode, I won't have a show next week, or the week after that. When I resume posting on January 8, 2012, I will be doing more Ubuntu demonstrations, including how to control and modify various functions, how to use Tor within Ubuntu, and a lot more Linux information will be posted.

Also, I would like to invite all you mobile phone and tablet users to my new web application, which can be used at, when you visit the site with your mobile device, you will be asked if you wish to visit our web application, which you can later install on your home screens. If your an Android users, go to, and download our new native application.

If you wondering why you should use my web or native application, I am starting a new secret contests as of January 8, 2012, where you can win prizes by playing a dynamic version of a Where's Waldo game, let's call this, Where's the host online. I will provide everyone with a hint in the video version of future episodes of the show, it will be a 5 second hint explaining where I may hide, which game or chat server. Then you are required to use a mobile device to get the secret message of when the hunt begins, and once you find me, I will give the first person to find me, a prize. The prize may be TQA Weekly Gear and Apparel, or in-game cash or prizes. A time limit will be posted when the message is broadcast.

So, just to end the show, have a merry x-mas, happy holiday's, and have a happy new year. Stay safe and online, don't drink and drive, and let's all be thankful for the time you spend with your love ones, look for new episodes of TQA Weekly on January 8, 2012, and don't forget to subscribe, like and share. Have a great day!

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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