FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

HTTP's Best Friend, and Side Kick

Steve Smith, host of your Technology Questions Answered, explains what the file transfer protocol is, how it is used, and shares some ideas on software solutions.

Episode #2-05 released on October 16, 2011

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What is FTP? What is it used for? How often do we really encounter it? What kind of software do I need to take advantage of this?

FTP, short for File Transfer Protocol, is a method of transmitting any kind of file from a computer to a server, server to a computer, computer to computer or server to a server. Like the HTTP, or the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, FTP is very common, and used quite a bit more than most people believe.

FTP, or the File Transfer Protocol can be used for anything from transferring files from one location to another, downloading, sharing of files, or more commonly uploading files to servers. Most web developers upload new content, and pages via FTP, and not HTTP.

Regardless of your experience, you encounter FTP all the time, especially if you download music, movies, podcasts, etc...

And, the last question I asked in my introduction, what kind of software do you need to take advantage of the File Transfer Protocol? FTP software is not technically needed. All modern web browsers are capable of FTP. If you want to use specialized software to take advantage of advanced FTP usage, I do have a few suggestions that I use, or have used.

WS_FTP, the first FTP software I ever used when making web-sites, is apparently, no longer offering a free option, none the less, this program has always allowed for easy access and transfer of files from computer (or server) to server (or computer). Newer versions allow for the use of encrypted communications, which is great. It also allows for moving of folders, files, deleting of folders, use of multiple account, etc...

Core FTP, which I personally use, is an amazing program. I have all the same functionality, as WS_FTP. I have access to multiple accounts, and I can log into two different servers, and transfer files remotely using my own computer. This is an advanced skill that I need to use sometimes to sync my video sources for my podcasts.

Now, in order to use Core FTP for free, you need to use it as a personal user, and not a business user. This will allow you to use the software for free. WS_FTP no longer has a free option, but I found a source for the last version of WS_FTP LE, which is free. The source for that file is in my show notes.

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