Why Do Video Game Framerates Drop?

Video Games Are Affected By More Than Graphics Card

Learn the honest truth about your computer builds, you need to balance out performance across the entire system.

Episode #13-16 released on January 10, 2023

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The grand majority of people who watch my channel love to game, and the majority will likely notice when frame rates start lagging, but the reasons for why your frame rate is dropping can be answered by looking at the various components of your computer that are being utilized while gaming.

Starting with the first component that affects nearly all video games, your graphics card. It is one of the most counter intuitive analysis, you may see that your graphics card is either being heavily utilized or not at all. The less utilization there is, the fewer frames are going to be generated. The fewer frames are generated, the slower the frame rate. And provided the graphics settings are set to saturate, but not overload the VRAM, and that the graphics card is supported, you show be able to play without issue, unless you had a power issue.

Now, if your Power Supply Unit of the computer is under powered for your computer. As part of your computer build, your power supply needs to provide more than enough power to all hardware, including the graphics cards and fans to keep everything powered and cooled. Failure to properly power and cool a computer will result in less-than-ideal performance, unless the issue is not related to power, but due to the processor.

Now, if the Processor in your computer was actually the issue. Video games being processed by graphics cards are dependent on CPU routed draw calls telling the graphics card what is supposed to be on the screen. The higher the number of draw calls, the better the CPU and graphics card need to perform. We saw this issue occur with the release of Assassin's Creed Unity. Now, it is possible that your processor is not the issue, however your RAM can definitely cause issues.

And, if your Ram is the issue, it may be because your RAM is too slow, or you have an insufficient amount of RAM which can degrade performance for the entire computer compromising the performance of your video game experience. Slow RAM hinders performance by slowing down the entire process, and insufficient RAM means your computer is more dependent on your computer storage.

Bring us to your computer storage, the slower the storage, the longer it takes to buffer and load items into the RAM, Processor and Graphics Card. Spinning hard drives are some of the slowest storage mediums and switching from Hard Drives to solid state drives will decrease load times significantly meaning that provided nothing else is wrong in your computer, your frame rates should be high enough for your video gaming experience.

However, if your frame rate is still horrible, try updating the game, graphics driver, operating system, and configuring graphics texture to be easier to render and all that may help you increase your video game's frame rate.

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