Is Software Tracking Your Kids Ethical?

The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before

Should you be tracking your kids online and is it ethical?

Episode #13-13 released on December 7, 2022

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I am sure that quite a few of you out there are wondering if using software tracking and recording software is moral or justified. After all, if you are a parent of a child or teenager, you are thinking about everything wrong in the world, and looking for ways to protect your child in this new electronic age.

Now, we have to always take the child into account whenever we are trying to determine how much tracking you are planning on implementing, if at all. Yes, we do have to include the option to not track our children and teenagers, and there are a multitude of reasons why it is a significantly a bad idea to track someone’s usage habits, too.

Let's start with the reasons behind tracking and recording what a young person is doing on their device and online. Are they doing anything dangerous that can put themselves or others in danger? Are they doing something illegal? Are they communicating with strangers or known people who have bad intentions? And more importantly, are they doing things that you have previously explained are dangerous and illegal, and they have gone the route to continue to do it anyway?

That last question is important, because on the ethical side, you need to both trust in their judgement and communicate the values and reasons necessary for that judgement in a way that is both enlightening and factual accurate, leave your own personal opinions out of the discussion, they do not belong there. You also have to understand that the path to learning is never related to success, but failure is a road to success. If you want those applications to bear any fruit or to give them a chance to not need them, you need to allow open communication.

If you are at a point where you believe installing an application on any device is your last resort, may I please offer some advice, consider their age and ability. Even I as a child or teenager could defeat anything like that, and with time, and it is still possible to do so now. While it may be a path that may seem ultimately required for very rare cases, there are some who will bypass every lock you give them.

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