How Improved Is Windows Defender For Your PC Security?

Microsoft Has Definitely Improved on Windows Defender

Learn about Windows Defender and the improvements in your PC security and what it means for every other Antivirus out there.

Episode #13-12 released on November 22, 2022

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It had been a long-standing joke that the antivirus provided by Windows by default has been a bare minimum requirement for all users, suggesting often much better alternatives, however many costing you, the end-user, anywhere from nothing to hundreds of dollars a year. Yes, we looked that up!

That was maybe true many years ago, however, Microsoft has been on their game, and their Windows Defender solution is playing for keeps. Recently AV Comparatives tested them and with 99.5 % of viruses and malware blocked and only 7 false-positives, the cost for amazing protection remains zero and comes included with the operating system.

What makes it better is the fundamental nature of the program, it has better access to the entire operating than other programs which allows it to proactively protect all users at the same time. And with the ability to flag virus and malware like behavior and blocking it, ultimately makes Windows Defender a great choice.

Now, if you believe Windows Defender is still the minimum to being safe, remember, it was 6th place, and only has a 0.5% difference with first place Anti-Virus solutions Avast, AVG, and G Data. There are some free options, too.

Now, what Avast, AVG, and G Data lack is low level, root access to the operating system that Windows Defender does have access to, but Microsoft shut others out over security concerns that would open your computer up to more, not fewer, security issues. And, Windows Defender also has features like tamper protection, controlled folder access to avoid issues with cryptographic encryption malware, and more.

Regardless of what you think, having a competitive product like Windows Defender is great, because that means every other antivirus product out there has to compete hard to stay in the top spots of one of the most important product types, anti-virus software. And, at this point, competition is great since many anti-virus solutions are tying for many of the same spots with near identical or identical performance.

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