Why Part Of Your Ram, May Not Be Accessible!

A Portion of the RAM not Usable

Learn why your computer may not be utilizing all available RAM

Episode #13-01 released on September 4, 2022

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Your computer is a complexed device that requires the use of a processor, bios chip, and other processing chips that all work together to provide the information and processing power necessary for the tasks your computer was designed to do.

In the case of desktop and laptop computers, a portion of the RAM can be dedicated to CPU for integrated graphics. Therefore, if you have 16 GB of RAM, it is possible that a small portion of that is not available to rest of computer. This amount is typically adjustable in the BIOS itself.

Now, we have to look at the mainboard itself, is it capable of supporting the RAM installed in the system? Some mainboards can support up to 16, 32, or 64 of RAM and no more. The manufacture can have reasons for not being able to support more RAM. If you happened to install compatible RAM that, also, exceeds the maximum of supported of RAM, you would not be able to use it all.

The next possibility is the operating system. Yes, Windows has been guilty of limiting available RAM and locking it behind features. Currently Windows 10 Home allows you to install on 128GB, which means if you installed 256GB of RAM, you would again not be able to use it all. You can, also, have an unlicensed version of Windows that would prevent many features from being used completely.

Up to this point, we have always assumed the RAM worked in the first place. However, it is possible that the RAM does not work at all, and even your BIOS is unaware of it. Or it is unable to access it.

It can, also, be incompatible RAM, although, usual behavior to defective or incompatible RAM would lead the system to simply not post. However, if you got the computer to post, incompatible RAM would not be able to use it.

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