Are Spinning Hard Drives Doomed?

The Enterprise May Keep Hard Drives Alive For Longer Than You Thought

Listen to why I believe hard drives will be around for a lot longer than you would believe

Episode #12-27 released on March 11, 2022

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You may be wondering if the spinning hard drive is doomed to disappear from the data storage ecosystem, and today, you will have my opinion on this very question.

When it comes to the consumer market, the demand for storage is typically driven by a desire to store music, movies, photos, documents, and applications such as video games. A typical person may actually need less than a terabyte or require several terabytes of storage in their devices based on their exact usage. The more applications, video games and multimedia you need to store, the more space you will need to store locally. That being said, with many cloud storage options, it is possible for this number to drop in all areas except video games, which must be downloaded and installed to be played to achieve better frame rates and lower ping rate. If you had to play using a cloud storage version, that would increase ping and make some games unplayable.

When you need to store a lot of files in your home, SSDs may become expensive quickly, and therefore your computer, at least for a while, may include a spinning hard drive, even as this trend seems to be disappearing. But it is safe to say that we will continue to see hard drives in personal computers for several years to come.

Now for Enterprise, it is possible that hard drives stick around a lot longer than in the consumer market. Consumer computers are built for speed and allow for ease of use by quickly accessing data. You can achieve many of those same advantages with spinning hard drives, different kinds of drive arrays, the addition of SSD drives in servers and some clever software techniques, all while having high data acquisition and reliability. The goal in enterprise, is the safeguard data from loss, at any cost, because the cost of losing data for any company is significantly higher than for any one individual.

The sheer amount of data an enterprise may have on hand, plus the number of backups, mirror locations, etc. increases the number of hard drives exponentially. And, while SSDs would be faster, many of them have data security issues that make continued use of them, currently, hazardous for the retention of data. That being said, Enterprise SSD solutions are not the same as consumer grade options, but those drives are far more expensive per gigabyte than the consumer model would be, too.

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