Should Laws Exist For Secure Communications?

Avoiding Secured Communication Platform Prohibitions and Regulations

Learn why we should not consider prohibition or legislation of encrypted communications, unless it makes it safer, end to end.

Episode #12-26 released on March 4, 2022

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Governments around the world love to enforce control over citizens in many ways, whether the reason may be malicious or not. Many of the controls are in the form of limitations, regulations, and prohibitions. For years encryption itself was defined as a military weapon and continues to be thought of as a problem and not a solution by most governments, militaries, and police forces.

We are currently seeing heavy usage of encrypted messengers allowing groups to direct attacks, defensive strategies, and evacuations. Some governments will attempt to make the argument that the developers should be able to monitor the communications but having that technology would be dangerous as it would allow all sides access to the information, so malicious intent could come into play making it dangerous for several groups of people.

The idea of the universal key was demanded by the American Government in recent years and challenged by Apple due to the precedent this would impose, imagine what that would be doing right now? Nothing good could ever come from a universal key.

If governments around the world had their way, and no citizen had access to encrypted communications, a lot more theft and fraud would be occurring. A lot of people's lives would be very different, too. Many technologies would not exist. The very idea of identity on the Internet would, also, be lost, too. If secure communications are not possible, then no one can feel safe online, especially with what we know now.

For those who are unaware of the dangers of unsecured communication, it is possible for governments and police to take them into custody and fine, imprison them or worse.

The only solution to the entire issue of secured communications is to make it an Internationally protected human right and to enforce it as such, not by demanding that governments and police agencies have free access to communications, but by doing the opposite, by not allowing any company access to any communications in their platform to safeguard all members who are communicating with the platform. Doing this would ensure that we protect innocent people and groups from actions that could pose serious risk to them. And we are not just talking about the war in Ukraine, but, also, every single trans gendered minor in places like Texas who are willing to condemn people based on identity.

It has been shown that in these times, we need the ability to communicate safely, whether it be to protect ourselves or our neighbors, because if we regulated encryption out of the world of today, none of us are safe in the end.

If encryption became illegal today, criminals would continue to use it, militaries would continue to use, and everyone else would be vulnerable and in danger.

This is why we absolutely need to avoid the types of prohibitions and regulations that break or remove encryption from our everyday communications.

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