How to Auto Publish Live Streams Using IFTTT?

Learn about a free tool to auto-publish content.

A demonstration on how to use a free tool called IFTTT, which allows anyone to automatically publish content on many websites.

Episode #12-10 released on October 29, 2021

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If you are a creator like me, you may find that publishing each live stream or video may become a challenge over multiple social networking platforms. Some social networking platforms, like Twitch, work best by bringing in your own audience. The technique I show you today, uses a free tool with a pro-option, allowing you to expand in the future as your own community grows.

The tool is available by and allows for access to a number of different services. You can create up to 3 applets to start, the one I created for this channel takes my latest video from YouTube and posts it to the TQA Weekly Discord in an announcement channel.

The first thing you need to do is get an account from IFTTT, and initially, for everyone, it is free. You can always upgrade your account later on. For this example, we will be presuming you are a twitch streamer, trying to post automatically to discord.

The second step is to click on create, then for the if step, you will connect your Twitch and the type of twitch stream you intend to post in Discord. In my case, I selected New Stream started by you.

The third step, for the then section, in my case, I selected discord, and then post a message to a channel. For this step, you will connect to discord, and then connect to the server and select your channel that you wish to connect to.

At this point, you can turn on notifications, if you wish, and it is possible that it takes up to an hour for it to work each time, and this is for free. The professional version apparently works faster. So, depending on your use case scenario, it can work really well for you. Adding more applets that post to more places will allow you to possibly attract more viewers to your streams.

IFTTT can do a lot more than I explained today, so feel free to explore the website for every possible combination you can achieve.

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