Your Search Engine Results Are Paid Marketing

Your Search Results Will Vary

Learn why your search engine results differ from others.

Episode #11-43 released on June 22, 2021

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Search engines, at their core, are one of the most important tools to the discovery of knowledge online on the surface web. The very definition of the surface web is the ability for it to be indexed by search engines, everything else is deep or dark web.

The surface web is the public Internet where everything is accessible without the need for special software or accounts, however it only accounts for one twenty fifth of the entire internet, yes, that is right, four percent of the Internet is surface web and is indexable.

The surface web is, also, where a lot of misinformation will occur as anyone can create their own website, ranging from free services to paid options. Since anyone can make their own website, the information is not necessarily accurate. Fact checking is not required for website development.

These surface level websites can be indexed by any number of publicly and privately accessible websites, and these websites tend to scan all of the content of a website, not just the keywords of the website.

Competition for search engine ranking is fierce, and the amount of work that goes into it is unconceivable to some users. The number of details that need to be exactly right to rank in the top ten changes constantly as the almighty algorithm learns and adapts with time, constantly evolving as the Internet evolves itself.

Now, if you are a business willing to put up the cash and hirer search engine optimization specialists, you can have them do all the research needed to target specific groups of people whether by gender, location, philosophy, etc. And there are, also, ways of purchasing Ad space in search results.

If a business or group puts the effort and capital into search engine optimization and marketing, they can drive traffic to their websites focusing on targeted groups, allowing them to drive up dwell time, which is the amount of time a visitor stays on a website, allowing the ranking to rise higher and higher until the website appears first no matter what. And, like I initially said, there is no requirement for fact checking content on a website, so it is possible for websites with completely inaccurate information to rank higher than websites with legitimate information.

Now, another way to rank higher and have more dwell time, is to pay to have more eyes on your website, which is attainable with marketing campaigns, and companies like Google enable this to happen by not only allowing companies and individuals to pay for marketing with advertising but by allowing others to have those advertisements appear on their own websites, meaning that you can pay people to send their visitors to your website and drive traffic, increasing your rank, which is easier to ascertain because you are likely using traffic monitoring services on your own website that can be used to correlate origin, duration of visit, and more about each user coming to your website. More visitors mean a higher chance of higher dwell time, and focused marketing with appropriate content means more people, also, sharing the content, which, also, allows the page to rank higher, too.

As you can ascertain of your own accord, the more a business wants your eyes on their content, and the more they are willing to invest into getting you to see their content, the more likely they are to get you to see it. And, if they can target you specifically, the only real way of avoiding targeted advertisements and results, would be to use a browser in anonymous mode, preferably a clean browser, while using a VPN, otherwise, the results will be tailored to you. If you do not believe me, do a search using your phone and your computer, and then using different browsers, all in same search engine, are the results the same? Probably not, because you do not search for the same items on your phone, laptop, computer, etc. But, if there was no targeted marketing, all the search results for the same search query should be exactly the same.

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