Let Us Talk About Password Managers

LastPass Was Never The Only Option

Learn about other options for password managers, other than LastPass.

Episode #11-41 released on June 8, 2021

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The majority of people use multiple devices and access quite a few websites daily, too. Due to security concerns, we have grown accustomed to using different passwords on every website, and many of us have used LastPass to manage passwords on our computer and mobile devices. LastPass at one point, did not offer access to our passwords on mobile and desktop without a premium fee, then gave that feature for free. They recently removed the ability to have access to both and require that you choose either computers or mobile devices unless you pay for a more expensive plan. They are, however, not unique in this space, and if you are going to do a solution available on your device, you might as well learn of a few easy ones.

Let us start off with Microsoft Authenticator. I have it as a replacement to Google Authenticator, which allows me to use the same ecosystem for two factor authentication, but it, also, offers integrated password management and does save to the cloud if you desire this.

Then we have Dashlane, I downloaded it, not expecting too much to be different, but upon registering it did indicate that the email I used was part of 4 breaches, many Adobe, XSplit, MoneyBookers and DropBox. My passwords have been updated repeatedly since 2013, which is the last time my email address is known to be on any compromised list. But offering this kind of information can be helpful for anyone. The great part about adding passwords is this, if you have used LastPass, you will easily get the hang of Dashlane.

Then we have Keeper, which is only available for free on one device, which is not as usual as the other options, however, they have a simple interface and they do have better security from what I can gather. Requiring 2FA confirmation to go from mobile to accessing on website before accessing with master password means they are taking your security serious, and they have option to destroy all stored data if some is trying to compromise your data, too. This might be a service worth paying for, much like LastPass, which brings me to my next point.

You can use the built in Keyrings in your device, definitely not as secure, but already pre-installed, and uses the same security as your device, which means, if your phone is set to automatically destroy the contents of your phone after a number of failed attempts, your passwords will safely be deleted in the process, too.

And then, if you are looking for LastPass, for desktop and mobile, and do not want to pay a premium, considering opening a new account and just copying the passwords over. Yes, it is a lot more work, but so was setting up all these applications, too.

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