How Net Nannies Can Defeat Your VPN

Net Nanny Can Collect Browsing History of Computer Even With VPN enabled

Learn why it is difficult, if not impossible, to hide your browsing history from a Net Nanny, even with a VPN.

Episode #11-33 released on April 13, 2021

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I was asked if there was a way to prevent a person's browser history from being available to their parents while they use a VPN. Today, I will explain why that may be complicated or even impossible.

Let us begin with the VPN usage by the user. There are a few places a VPN can sit when accessing the Internet. It can be in browser, be part of the operating system where all traffic runs through it, or it can be setup in the router. In all cases, your ISP and other servers cannot see your traffic, however, that being said, it can be tracked from the inside.

If the VPN is in the router, then the router itself can record everyone's browsing habits.

If the VPN is installed at the operating system or browser level, the router can no longer record the browsing history. However, software in the computer can record all the browsing history. There is, also, the matter of the browser history, cache and cookies that can be used to determine a browsing history.

In the case of the person who asked the question, I am presuming it is software based on the computer in all cases. Meaning that the parents installed software and the person is using a VPN installed on the computer. Short of finding a way to uninstall the application, the only other solution is the reinstall Windows entirely. This is because those kinds of spyware are made to lock into Windows and need a password to be used to access or modify them.

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