Can You Migrate Windows on Old Drive to New PC?

Upgrading Your Mainboard Is the Same As Swapping Drive To New PC

Can you use the same hard drive from an old computer in a new computer without reinstalling Windows?

Episode #11-29 released on March 16, 2021

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It may come as no surprise to any seasoned computer builder, that you do not need to change your Windows License every time you upgrade your computer. However, for those who are less technology savvy, someone may tell you, you need to get a new Windows license every time.

Knowing you do not need to buy a new license each time you upgrade your computer saves you money, but did you know that as you upgrade your computer you do not need to reinstall Windows every time? Well, you do not have to reinstall Windows, you simply need to uninstall the old drivers.

And did you know that you can upgrade your mainboard, processor, and ram, without having to reinstall Windows either? You do not need to reinstall Windows in these case, either. Simply install the new drivers and uninstall the old drivers. Windows allowed for hardware profiles, so it is easy to change mainboard, ram, and processor without issue.

And, did you know, that changing the mainboard, ram and processor is basically like installing your hard drive with Windows in a different computer? Well, it is exactly the same. The only issue is that without reinstalling Windows, you will not be able to initialize secure boot because it will not have generated a unique PK key, but besides that, your computer will work fine. Before you put that old drive with your current Windows install into a new computer or use a new mainboard, remember, disable secure boot, to be sure everything works when you boot to Windows, once more.

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