How Important Are Authenticator Backups?

Backing up 2FA Backup Keys Can Save Your Accounts From Being Lost

Learn how Google Authenticator Failed Its User Base on iPhone

Episode #11-15 released on November 24, 2020

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I used to use Google Authenticator, unfortunately, like most projects, Google has not had an update in so years. The application finally crashed, and I can no longer access the information within. I have not accessed everything yet, mainly because I do not remember which application used what or because they have backup methods.

You might be asking, how important are authenticator backups and are companies just being pricks about some of their security policies?

In it is incredibly important to maintain a list of backup keys because you can easily lose access to any account if you lose those backup keys and do not have access to a backup method to regain access to most accounts. I very nearly lost access to my mailing list platform because I did not have enough information to provide them at first to regain access to my account. Maintain those keys because they can definitely help out later on.

Another good idea is to have more than one way to obtain the authenticator key, just in case you do lose access to your authenticator. Many places do offer authenticator services using application, phone, etc. Set more than one up or add enough information for you to be able to prove you own the account.

The last thing you should consider, is whether or not your authenticator has a backup option. While Google Authenticator is easier to use, there are much better choices of authenticator. Any authenticator with a backup option like Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass authenticator, etc. You do not need to use Google Authenticator for Google Authenticator codes, those I suggested work with the same standard.

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