Is Ping Really The Only Factor That Affects Gaming?

Your Internet Connection, Monitor, Graphics Card and Controller All Affect Your Gaming

Learn about Frames Per Second, Input Latency and how these may, also, affect your gaming experience.

Episode #11-14 released on November 17, 2020

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If you are a gamer and you love multiplayer games, you might be wondering if the ping actually affects your game. The sad truth is gaming includes more than one kind of lag; your ping rate is just one of the problems.

The ping rate is the amount of time your signal takes to go to the server and have a reply come back. The longer it takes, the slower the response will be. In a multiplayer environment this can have some serious consequences where shots that would have counted, do not count, because of lag caused by long ping rates.

Now, ping by itself, in most cases, is not the only issue. Your framerate, controller of choice, monitor, etc. all play a part in how well you can play.

Let us start with framerate. There are two aspects that count. The monitor and the actual framerate. If your monitor can only show you 60 FPS, then anything higher will not be shown or will cause tearing. If you have a monitor that allows for higher rates but do not get enough frames to maximize the usage, it comes out to the same thing. Now, if you have a monitor with more than 60 FPS and actually use it, then you will get more information and have a better reaction time because you will see more of the action. Basically, if you double the number of frames, you will have twice the amount of information. It will allow for reaction times that are up to twice as fast.

However, that being said, if your controller of choice is wireless, whether or not it is a keyboard and mouse or game controller, you may suffer from input lag, which will, also, hinder performance. And that excludes lag created by post processing of images by your monitor.

Basically, you want to use a wired controller, with game mode on your monitor turned on, maximizing the number of frames per second on your screen, while having the lowest possible ping rate. At that point, you will have as close to real time experience of multiplayer, and that only if everyone else were to do the same thing on your team and other team.

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