Your Computer is a Hoarder!

This is why you need to empty your cache

Operating systems and applications are constantly collecting files into a cache, these can cause weird issues, eventually.

Episode #11-13 released on November 1, 2020

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If you have every watched television or seen photos or video of hoarders, you know that hoarding is not a great idea. After all, when you hoard everything, you are filling up room that could be used to store practical things or make a place operate better. The same is true for most operating systems and applications. Your applications hoard tons of a data that makes them load things faster, or so you think.

While it is true that holding on to various files will speed up your experience by not having to redownload them every time, there are many more files that should be updated frequently. This should really be left up to the developer of the application or website, but there is no clear cut way of having a website force an update to a browser to allow for new tools to work unless they are ready to change the filename every time, and each new file name generates a new cached file.

Now, many of you might be asking, what is the problem? And, for a great many people, they may never notice any issues at all. Noticing and having issues is two different things. But, even if you do not experience any issues, whether noticed or not, some of you will.

What is the biggest issue caused by the various caches in your computer?

The biggest issue you have incur due to caching too many files will usually be related to available storage space. Computers work better when fifteen percent of the drive or twice the ram is available, whichever is actually highest. Any lower and your computer can experience issues.

Is there a solution to this?

Yes, most applications have an option to clean the cache or delete the cache when the program closes.

And what is the point of my video?

Before believing you need a bigger drive, check to make sure you are not hoarding a lot of useless cached files. It costs more of your money and time to upgrade a drive, and only a small amount of time emptying the cache. Consider uninstalling any applications you do not use at all, too. This will give you more free space, allow SSDs to last a little longer and you will not need a bigger drive then.

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