Canada in Danger of Becoming a Dystopian Country!

Canada is Trying to Break End-to-End Encryption

Canada understands that encryption is necessary and still wants to backdoor it, learn how this makes Canada yet another Dystopian country.

Episode #11-11 released on October 18, 2020

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The Canadian Government admits that End-to-End Encryption is important, but as one of the members of the Five Eyes intelligence-pooling alliance, wants to break End-to-End Encryption. What you are about to be explained today is why this should never happen.

Imagine you are accessing a website, with end to end encryption, and you are an employee trying to notify someone of illegal acts in your business, or a citizen trying to warn the world. Now, imagine this, end to end encryption so broken, your life is now at risk. Not just because of Governments, which can be dangerous itself, but your business can be spying on you. This is the kind of Dystopian future you can expect if Canada were to get its way in breaking end to end encryption.

However, this is already going on right now. There are people having to use the dark web to communicate with journalists around the world trying to get the word out about inhumane acts, there are businesses actively silencing employees, and no one would be able to get the word out, risking their very lives, without end to end encryption.

Breaking end to end encryption, or any kind of encryption standard is dangerous and will set a dangerous precedent. Any form of security with a backdoor is not secure and the reason is simple, if anyone can access it with the right keys, then what is there stopping the bad guy from masquerading as the good guy?

Countries like China, North Korea, etc. would obviously abuse of backdoors, however, so would Canada, UK, USA, etc. Infringing on privacy is not the way to protect people, and breaking security because of a few, harms everyone in the end. Ignoring the fact that everyone becomes at risk, minors and the disabled become more at risk. It is already nearly impossible to convince a minor not to share lewd pictures, even with people they trust, with broken encryption, anyone can intercept them, and who knows what happens to those from that point on.

Basically, if the government is truly trying to protect the citizens from bad actors, why is it doing its absolute best to put us in danger at the same time. It is counter productive to the cause and there is no need to weaken security when there are better more secure ways of capturing criminals without endangering the public.

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