What is a Country Specific Device Implementation?

Why Your Device May Not Work As Intended Elsewhere

Learn why certain devices do not work properly or at all in other countries.

Episode #11-05 released on September 6, 2020

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Unless you have traveled around the world, you may not know that your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. is made to work best in your own country. It is even possible that devices only partially work in other countries.

There are some reasons, good is debatable, to why certain devices have different variations in all or some of the device configurations that are used to make them. Almost every country has specific laws and regulations to the implementation of cellular technologies, wireless standards can be completely different from one location to another. Some technologies or wireless spectrum ranges may be specifically banned or used for different reasons, too.

This means that a Canadian or American mobile device may have trouble connecting to certain wireless access points in Japan, because they have access to more channels than we do. This, also, means that a mobile phone here may be unable to connect to telecommunications towers in other countries, if your device does not support use of available wireless spectrums.

There can, also, be concerns related to patent concerns and technology requirements. Not all countries play by the same rules, which has led to some companies stealing technologies and using it in their devices without permission and going as far as patenting them in their countries. This is such a large issue that some technologies are simply never made available in countries where this is a legitimate issue of concern. Which explains why some devices may not be exported to or imported into some other countries. These are normally listed in the terms and agreements of your device and supported by Federal and International laws and sanctions.

And those are some of the reasons why your device may or may not work as desired in a different country. That is, also, why you should avoid buying devices from different countries, you have no idea how many features may or may not work where you are located.

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