Are Routers a Privacy Risk?

Log files, the Enemy of Privacy

Learn how defeat the mighty router log file just in case someone else is spying on your web traffic.

Episode #11-02 released on August 16, 2020

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Yes. They definitely can be a privacy risk, and you may not know enough to defend yourself against such issues.

The thing is, we do not expect a device so close to us to be a privacy risk because we are unaware of all the tools available within a router.

Let us start with fact that a router is already capable of collecting log files, and in many cases, can send those log files to a specific computer or email. Sure, it can be deactivated, but the tool may be useful for many reasons, including monitoring other people's usage of the Internet. Which is why some parents may resort to using this tool to monitor a teenager or child to make sure they are only visiting age appropriate content.

Knowing it exists, what happens if you are a bunch of adults in a home and one person controls the router, or the telecom company owns it, is there a privacy solution you can use?

Yes, there is a solution, but it requires the use of a VPN. You see, your VPN connection has to originate from your computer, exiting your device pre encrypted otherwise every detail would be logged by your router, at least, in this case, on the data packets of the VPN would be logged and not the content of the communication.

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