Use Browser Console To Delete Saved Posts On Reddit

Another Way to Delete Saved Posts on Reddit

Learn about browser code that can delete your saved posts on Reddit, using their old site against them with the use of the browser console in Google Chrome.

Episode #10-45 released on June 21, 2020

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Reddit apparently likes to make things hard for us, I do an episode, the technique to clear saved posts worked, and it worked for a long time after and before. However, what happened is they changed their code and the method no longer works. I said I found find a solution, this is what you can do, it is not as elegant or quick, but it will take only a fraction of the time. This is basic code, and I am working on a version that will be a lot more efficient, but you all want a way to do it, so let us give this a try.

First, the line of code is done by a user called theg00s3 on GitHub. I did this test using Google Chrome, but it may work in other browsers. You are required to go to Using the old site will work better for this, and you need to open the browser console, which is done by pressing F12. Click on Console and copy and paste the code below then click enter.

$("a").filter(function(index){return $(this).text()==="delete from saved"}).click();setTimeout(function(){location.reload();},500);

You will have to paste the line of code and click enter quite a few times in the case of a few of you. However, for many, you will be able to clear your saved posts in minutes, or hours, instead of days or weeks.

And, while the other method was faster, it takes us back to a universal truth, Reddit, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. lives and breathes on data. They may not want to admit it, but their inaction in creating a feature for users to delete all saved posts shows how much they want to hold on to data. Even Facebook has a feature to delete all saved posts native, what is going on Reddit? What is going on?

Like I said before, I am exploring a better option, that will achieve the same result as that line of code, but require less input and hopefully work on the new site, too, because we never know when Reddit can decide to eliminate that particular vector itself.

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