Should You Have More or Faster Ram?

Can Your Processor Handle More Ram?

A discussion into the realities of processors and memory addressing and why faster Ram may be better than too much Ram.

Episode #10-43 released on June 7, 2020

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Did you know too much Ram can slow down a computer, eventually. The reason why I am stating eventually has to do with the Processor and the way memory is allotted by the processor. The more memory it has to address, the longer it takes to do even the most basic of tasks. Sure, the amount of time between tasks may be of no consequence to the average user, but for power users trying to do high end tasks, these will add up into noticeable lags in performance.

Now, the prospect of being able to install so much Ram in a consumer desktop is Ludacris to the tune of nearly impossible and preventatively expensive for most. Which begs the question, if you are going to try to make your computer faster, how would you do it? The answer may be just enough Ram for your tasks and Faster Ram, provided the mainboard and processor can handle those speeds.

By adding faster Ram to your computer with only the recommended amount of Ram you reduce the processor bottleneck related to quantity of Ram and allow for the tasks to be done faster.

Now, if you want to add more Ram to your computer and have faster Ram, it is my own personal opinion that having more than 32 or even 64 gigabytes of Ram, depending on the workload, will be plenty for most needs. Most of that Ram will sit unused anyway, so having much more than that would be an expensive waste of hardware. And, while programs will need more and more Ram eventually, they will undoubtedly need processors that can address more Ram faster. And, to be fair, with every generation of processor they do get better at addressing more and more Ram, faster.

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