Clean Your Electronics For Summertime

Cleaning Dust From Devices For Cooler Operation

Since the beginning of quarantine, you have shed more dead skin cells than you would normally do so at home, clean the dust resulting from that before Summertime begins.

Episode #10-42 released on May 31, 2020

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Summer is on the way and many of you have been stuck indoors. The majority of dust is created by the dead skin cells that you, other people, and your pets have shed. Now, considering past pandemics, I am presuming that another wave will force everyone indoors, so cleaning your devices, be it your computer, consoles, etc. is a good idea. Not only will they last longer, but they will dissipate heat more effectively so you can use them longer. I will, also, be pointing out other ways you can keep your devices cooler this summer.

First place we should start is with all the air vents and grills. Use a vacuum made for computers or set your household computer to low to make sure you do not rip off components. Use a small brush to dislodge some of the dust that be stuck on due to nicotine or other vape liquid products.

Second, clean the surfaces of each fan blade, if accessible. Be careful not to break any of the fan blades. Clean fan blades spin with less force required by the motor. They, also, allow for more cubic feet per minute of airflow.

Third, clean the outside of the box, it may seem like an esthetic thing, but the less dust there is, the easier it is for heat to escape.

Obviously, some of those are hard to do than others, especially in laptops and consoles. In those cases, here are a few extra tips. For laptops and consoles, always place them on hard surfaces, it allows for better airflow underneath. Avoid placing computers and consoles in places that have significant airflow issues, like a closed commode.

Avoid placing multiple devices on top of the other whenever possible, the heat from the lower devices will heat up the devices above. This is especially important in spring and summer as the temperatures increase.

If you are experiencing issues with thermal transfer in your computer, considering cleaning off the old thermal paste and using fresh thermal paste. Some gaming laptops allow for this to be done, too, check online for instructions in their case.

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