My Thoughts on the 5G Conspiracy Theory

Visible Light is more Energetic than 5G

Learn about 5G, the current conspiracy theory and why it is simply wrong!

Episode #10-35 released on April 12, 2020

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We've read about them, we've met a few of these ill-informed conspiracy theorists, and their information is wholly flawed.

This isn't going to be a long talk. If you believe that 5G frequency is somehow responsible for the current pandemic, you are wrong. And this is why!

5G stands for fifth generation, this new standard of wireless communication is available in millimeter, low-band and mid-band frequencies.

Low-band low frequency waves are used for distance. The millimeter wave is set to be from 24GHZ to 72GHZ, however, due to the nature of millimeter waves, it has issues passing through walls. In fact, millimeter waves are easily stopped by our skin, and paper in many cases. This is why millimeter scans in airports can reveal items within clothing and what our body looks like but not the internals.

Deployment for 5G exists and is in the process of being tested in only 88 countries. The current pandemic currently affects 210. With less than half the countries currently with 5G, correlation is definitely not causation.

Wireless Cellular communication isn't energetic enough to be ionizing radiation. Let's get this straight, visible light is more energetic than radio waves, which is what cellular communications is based on. The only ionizing radiation we come into contact in our daily lives are in the form of ultraviolet light, x-ray machines and tanning booths.

Now, if you believe the virus was caused by 5G, you are admitting you had a bad education or are gullible. If you tan in the sun or in a tanning booth, but are more concerned about 5G, you are acting hypocritical. The thing is, ionizing radiation would kill the virus, not help it. The process where ionizing UV light is used to sterilize anything from tools to rooms, is called UV Germicidal Irradiation and functions in a process that destroys nucleic acids and destroying DNA. Using this process would kill the offending Virus, and if 5G was energetic enough to cause the problem, it would, also, have prevented the pandemic in the first place, because all the infected people would have died in the process as well.

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