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Episode #10-34 released on April 5, 2020

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Parents and children alike are trapped inside around the world and the longer you spend online surfing the more likely you are to come across malware, and the longer you leave your teenagers roam the internet, the more likely they will try to access porn online.

Cloudflare has announced a new service that will allow for faster access to websites while blocking malware and porn if you choose to block that, as well.

Now, there is no viable way to expect Cloudflare to block unknown malware, so I am interested to see how well they block known malware itself. This could definitely be a must for many businesses that experience issues related to malware.

Where the issue may exist, is the adult content filter deployed by Cloudflare and what it may be filtering itself. Obviously, it would be insane for anyone to even contemplate Cloudflare manually flagging websites as adult content. However, by that token we would have to start considering what they consider adult content.

Some of the biggest victims of adult content filtering include websites dedicated to biology, science, LGBT, etc. It is, however, important to recognize the importance of such filters, even in spite of such inconveniences. Remember, these DNS settings can be set on the router, device itself, etc. Meaning it is possible to have a publicly accessible computer in the home where a child could do research with the guidance of a parent while allowing a parent peace of mind with the device used by their children.

The best way to setup the Cloudflare DNS is to use the malware only variant in the router, and to manually enter the DNS for malware and adult content into each of the unsupervised devices used by minors in your household. Take special care to lock the settings out so those who are minors cannot change those settings and do spot checks to make sure they don't change those settings, either.

Beyond setting up the DNS in that fashion, there is no point complaining about the side effects, for now. We can do that once the service has had its time to adjust to the growing pains. Like I said, it is possible to setup the service in a way that allows everyone access to content in a responsible way.

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