Is Working from Home Viable?

Working From Home Has Many Benefits

Learn about the benefits of having a work at home workforce and where employees and employers would benefit.

Episode #10-33 released on March 29, 2020

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Today's question is directly related to the current Covid-19 crisis. It is, however, not a new concept. Working from home offers many valid benefits to the worker, business, environment and health of yourself and others.

Many businesses have played with the idea of employees working from home, some have implemented it, to one degree or another. The question isn't if it is possible, the question is whether or not it is viable.

Currently, many businesses are having their employees, whenever possible, work from home. This allows employees to continue to have a job and allows many businesses to continue doing business helping the economy in these trying times. To be completely blunt, everything is going to get worse before it gets better. And, this Covid-19 crisis is going to change how businesses operate for the foreseeable future and maybe, permanently.

What the crisis will not change is the need for communication and this is where technology comes into play. It is currently possible for businesses and employees to conduct meetings over the internet via voice or with video. This allows employees and management the chance to communicate, voice opinions, ask and answer questions, etc.

As for equipment, many people already own their own computers, it is, also, possible that some businesses still provide the required equipment to be used from home. Businesses will still save money by requiring less office space, using less power, requiring fewer parking spots, etc. Businesses already pay for software licenses which can be used on any computer. IT departments could still access computers remotely, too, to update and patch computers. IT departments could, also, remotely install required software.

Having remote employees affords businesses better access to talent for their employee workforce. And, allows the business and employee to have a smaller carbon footprint, as well. The cleaner the air, the fewer health issues will exist. The less time an employee spends on the road, the fewer chances of an accident. The less time employees spend together, the lower the chance of viral and bacterial transmission. It, also, allows for less of the workforce to be sick at a time.

Basically, the more employees work from home, and the better the communication is between management and staff, the better it is for everyone. Reduced costs, lower injury and viral risks, lower carbon footprint, etc. are all great reasons for businesses to offer remote positions, and it also allows businesses to operate regardless of crisis. It, also, means that many businesses will find that working from home isn't just viable, in many cases, it might just be vital to the continued existence of their business.

Remember, many places are playing with automation, including Amazon. If you no longer need staff to fulfill orders and the robots can operate independent of human presence, then it might just be time for everyone else to stay home for work, because after all, the Internet and technology affords us that very real opportunity and it might just save your life.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay home!

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