How-to Clean Your Electronics During This Crisis

Learn how to properly clean your phone, earphones, etc.

During this crisis, we should be doing more than washing our hands and avoid touching our faces, we need to clean everything that touches our faces and hands.

Episode #10-32 released on March 22, 2020

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There is a crisis going on right now, and we are being told to wash our hands, often. We are being told to refrain from touching our faces, too. But, have you taken the time to consider your smartphone, earphones, etc.? Not only do you handle these with your hands, but many come in contact with your faces. Today, I will be teaching you how to properly clean that smartphone, earphones, etc. and how to minimize all risks, whenever possible.

I want you to gather some supplies. You will need a cloth, Isopropyl Alcohol, if that is not available, a bit of soap and water, used carefully will do the trick. You may want to get Q-tips and a soft brush, too.

Before cleaning your device, please clean your hands first, we do not want to cross contaminate your devices.

Before cleaning your device, will need to remove as much debris from it as possible, use the soft brush or Q-tips to remove the debris, a gentle rotating motion with the Q-tip is enough to remove most debris. A soft brush can get into deeper cavities of your devices. Remember to remove your device's case protector and to clean that separately. Since most case protectors contain no electronics, you can clean those with soap and water without issues, usually.

If you have Isopropyl Alcohol, place a small portion on the cloth, while the device is turned off, and clean even inch of your devices to clean and kill bacteria and viruses. If you don't have access to Isopropyl Alcohol, mix some soap and water and with light concentrations on a clean cloth, rub your powered devices entire service clean. Make sure your devices are powered off during the process. Before powering any devices, allow them to dry. If you use a tiny amount of water, it should dry quickly and not damage any device, as most devices are made to handle rain and sweat.

Extra measures you may want to take include using the speaker phone option, only using earphones with microphones, or Bluetooth headsets. Whenever handling any earphones or Bluetooth headset, wash your hands first and clean those devices before and after each use to avoid accidental infection. I'd, also, like to remind you that your pockets and purses are not clean. Short of placing the devices in clean sealed containers, treat them as contaminated until cleaned and avoid the face with them at all costs.

This can apply for any crisis and should be exercised whenever you are sick or others around you are sick, no matter what illness they have.

Stay home and be safe.

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