My First Impressions of Apple's iOS 13

Dark Mode Finally Available!

Apple Finally Has Dark Mode, Battery Charging is Modernized, and Siri Sounds more human than I do!

Episode #10-08 released on September 22, 2019

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On September 19, 2019, Apple drops iOS 13 and these are my first impressions of the new update.

The first thing I'd like to talk about is dark mode. About time Apple, was it really so hard to finally give us all what we have been waiting for years to have? There have been plenty of hacks to get dark mode in our iPhones but now we have a true dark mode. The feature is offered as a dark or light option that can be toggled in the control center, provided you add it to your control center. You can, also, synchronize it with the sunrise and sunset cycle.

Now, is it any good? My honest answer is mostly. Since, Apple has waited so long to finally push such a feature, they do have a few issues, while not totally their fault, could have been resolved. If you use Stream Labs and get your post stream email you know what I am getting at. The email is unreadable in dark mode. This makes me feel like the feature isn't fully refined for some of the applications on iPhone and iPad but could potentially be addressed in the future with updates.

The second feature is Face ID. Does it unlock faster? Yes, it actually does unlock faster on my iPhone Xr. My biggest issue is that it still doesn't fully unlock the phone, I still need to swipe. I still do not understand why Touch ID could completely open the phone but not Face ID. However, Apple delivered on the promise of faster unlock, even if the swipe up annoyance still exists.

The third feature I'd like to talk about is the battery application. I have the iPhone Xr because it was the newest iPhone, I could afford to replace my iPhone 6s which failed due to the battery and charging many months back. My battery for my iPhone Xr is still at 100% capacity, because I have changed how I charged my phone as a result of the iPhone 6s just dying on me. Now, Apple has released a new addition to the battery application known as Optimized Battery Charging that allows for your iPhone to learn how you use your phone and how much of a charge you truly need.

Why is such a battery optimization important? Because over charging harms your Lithium battery and each full charge potentially degrades the battery further reducing the lifespan of the iPhone unless you are willing to pay to have the battery changed at an Apple store.

The next feature is Animoji and Memoji. If you use iMessage Memoji can be really entertaining because of you can create your own emojis using your own custom designed avatar. You can even record your own Animoji and with even more options to customize your Animoji, you can make it your own. My issue with this feature is that it is limited to iMessage only. I'd personally love to use outside of iMessage. And, I am sure I am not the only one.

The last feature I want to talk about is Siri. More specifically the way she sounds. She sounds a lot more natural. The issue, she still doesn't know what the name of my City is, and I always have to ask the weather of Montreal and not Longueuil as a result. Now, it is important to note that in my particular case, location services are turned off. And, I am Canadian, and I am using the American Siri. Want to laugh, ask Siri to tell you a joke.

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