Do You Need 3rd Party Antivirus and Firewall Software? No?

Windows Already Has A Firewall and Antivirus!

Learn why you don't need another Antivirus and Firewall!

Episode #10-05 released on September 1, 2019

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You have made a clean install of Windows, you have plenty of software to install at this point, but you may be asking if you need to really get an antivirus and firewall. Just to save many of you time, the answer is no.

Now, for many knowing the answer may not be enough, and I will explain to you why you don't need third party applications to be your antivirus and firewall.

Let's start with the firewall, because it isn't common for a lot of people to install firewall software to begin with and for good reason. Your router and Windows have their own firewalls. Your Router's firewall uses NAT, or Network Address Translation. Provided that UPNP is off and built in security software is enabled, it isn't just a connectivity tool, it can prevent a whole host of issues, too. It protects and connects all your devices and if it is securely setup with a unique passphrase, then hackers won't be able to take over your network.

By the same token, Windows' firewall has been around for a long time. In fact, every firewall application simply acts as a skin over the Windows Firewall. Sure, they look pretty, offer a few more features you didn't, know Windows already had, but do you really need a paid option for something you already have, the answer is no!

And, your Windows Antivirus. I know, it is a laughable joke, right? Not anymore. It has plenty of safeguards that can potentially prevent many viruses from simply overtaking your data. It has heuristic scanning that can detect new threats with real-time virus scanning allowing Microsoft the chance to not only protect computers from unknown threat vectors but the ability to immediately protect all other computers using their security software long before many other antivirus solutions get their act together. Oh, did you know it, also, has tamper protection to prevent setting changes and controlled folder access to prevent the unauthorized encryption of personal files? Well, it does.

So, save space on your new drive, don't download that subscription fee-based antivirus and firewall application, just use Windows!

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