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How-to Use Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner

Learn how to remove Adobe Creative Cloud to fix their update error, without letting a single person remotely access your computer, with an Adobe created software removal tool.

Episode #10-04 released on August 24, 2019

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I use Adobe Creative Cloud, have been for many, many years. Normally, when something goes wrong you click retry and it corrects itself. That, however, recently did not work and all hell broke loose.

To explain what happen, you might need to understand the entire scoop of the issue. The Creative Cloud agent had an update to do which failed. My Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects, also, had updates and those updates failed. I try, much as before, just hit retry. It failed every single time. I tried for the client, and the individual applications. Then I tried uninstalling each of the applications, but the option was missing from the Creative Cloud client, a severe misguided UI flaw. I used the windows add remove applications utility to remove each of the applications, that worked. However, when it came to reinstall each of them, none of them work, that is a problem. I went to remove the offending primary application, Creative Cloud, and much like Norton Antivirus, it did not want to be removed claiming applications on the computer may need it, which at this point there were no more.

I wrote about this on Twitter, and Adobe did reach out, however the guides given were again useless because the UI when there is a fail does not match the UI given in the instructions. Even talking to tech support lead them to immediately want access remotely to the computer. There are many reasons why you don't want this as a first option, and this is based on trust. I don't trust this strangers to work on my computer. I looked up for a removal utility, while this stranger was trying to get me to get a link and came across such a tool distributed by Adobe.

After downloading the tool, considering I had already gone through steps 1 through 6, I immediately started at number 7.

Step 8 required me to pick between English and Japanese, and since my Japanese is non-existent, I went with English. I had to agree to an Adobe EULA and select Y to indicate I agreed, then select the offending application, in my case Creative Cloud which is number 6. Then, all that was required was that I redownload the Creative Cloud client, then reinstall the applications.

Now, before I forget to mention this, there is a tool for Mac on the very same page, just scroll down.

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