Is Cable Management Important? No?!

The Reasons Why Proper Cable Management May Be Important

An explanation into the only reasons cable management are important.

Episode #10-02 released on August 11, 2019

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Preparing a computer to function great and look amazing requires patience and practice, but is it necessary?

The answer to cable management being important is easily one that will drive some people completely mad, the answer is no, it is not necessary to cable management, but there are plenty of reasons why you still want to cable manage your computer.

The majority of computers, even with loads of dust and debris will continue to function as intended, without any major issues. The computers that are sensitive to dust, debris and heat are not the norm, and this is why the answer to cable management being important is a resounding no.

Are there reasons to cable manage, even if it is not absolutely required?

Loose cables can cause a whole host of issues. Ignoring the fact that properly cable managed computers experience better airflow, with a lot less turbulence as a result. Your cables, if improperly stored in the computer chassis can interfere with fan blades. A fan may remain undamaged by this, however, depending on the fan affect, the related hardware may overheat and become damaged permanently and may even cease functioning. We are obviously talking about CPU fans, fans for radiators, graphics card fans, and some mainboard fans.

Another reason you may want to cable management relates directly to electricity itself. It is incredibly rare, but it is possible for loose connectors to electrify components by shorting exposed sections of the connector against devices and the chassis. It is extremely hard to achieve this, especially if your power supply is built correctly, but I have gone as far as taping with electrical tape connectors that where in danger of shorting with other portions of electronics or the chassis.

Loose cables can be a tangled mess and make it harder to replace devices and diagnose issues. Proper cable management runs are easy to take apart. If you have long hair, you know what tangled hair feels like, that is not different to cables.

Loose cables can be unplugged by accident and since it is harder to see if anything was unplugged, you may not realize something is wrong until your power your computer.

Lastly, the most important reason to cable manage a computer is simple, especially if you have side panel with a window, aesthetics. If your computer has a window, is cable managed, and you go out of your way to have LED fans and strips to illuminate the inside of your computer, then your computer is more of a show piece, something to be proud of. A cable managed computer isnít important, but like everything else, maintenance and respect reflect a lot on yourself, it shows you care and respect about your computer, and that ultimately more important than the cable management itself.

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