I Had To Replace The Batteries In My PS3 Controllers

The Simple and Inexpensive Process of Changing a PS3 Controller Battery

A how-to in the process of changing the lithium battery of a PS3 Controller with a newer, inexpensive and longer lasting battery.

Episode #10-01 released on August 4, 2019

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There are quite a few games that gamers like to play on older consoles. I have a few that exist, currently, only on the PS3, and the same for other consoles. My issue was simply, my only working controller had a battery that discharged quickly, the battery was inflating, and the other controller had a fully inflated battery. Changing the controllers is hard due to lack of new inventory, expensive in many cases and not environmentally friendly, either. As a matter of principle, if I can fix it, I won't replace it, and that applies to virtually anything.

Today, learn how to change the battery on a PS3 controller for a new and better battery for those times where you just want to game some of your favourite older games.

The procedure to open the PS3 controller was always simple, using standard Philips head screws you can remove the screws with a number two precision Philips head screwdriver. Remove the 5 screws and gently remove the cover to expose the battery.

Now, unplug the battery, gently, from the left. The battery is not screwed or glued, so when you do this, the battery will be free of the controller.

Now, take the new battery, in our case it is the same size as the old battery with the tray, and connect it to the controller, it can only be inserted on way.

Then, place the battery in position before replacing the back cover into position, gently, and placing all 5 screws back into position.

The controller will have retained the information to which console it was connected, but if for some reason it hasn't, you can rebind the controller to your PS3 console by connecting it to your console with the cable it came with, turning on your PS3, then pressing the PS button. That will bind the controller to your PS3 Console.

The battery was obtained for sixteen Canadian dollars on Amazon, for a pair of two batteries. And these ones are 1800MAH whereas the old batteries only contained a maximum charge of 570MAH. More than triple the capacity. Recycle the old lithium battery responsibly.

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