Easy Windows Program Repair Solution

A neat and fast how-to tip to fix program errors within Windows.

Steve Smith, host of your Technology Questions Answered, explains easy ways of fixing a faulty Windows Application using the repair installation tool.

Episode #1-46 released on August 14, 2011

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Today, on Technology Questions Answered, I'll explain how to fix some applications without searching the internet for a solution first. This is made possible by a feature in Windows, that some well known applications, like iTunes, for one, actually take advantage of. The best part is, you don't have to be really all that good either in computers, to use this trick.

How about I explain why it works, before I tell you how to do it. Most well known applications store an installation folder within Windows, this allows the program to activate new features, add more options, modify the installation later, or fix broken installations, without re-downloading the file. Many programs do this because it actually costs less in technical support costs to have programs that can repair themselves, this also means, that it is easier for you to repair.

Now, this trick doesn't, and isn't the fix all of broken software, but it should be the first thing you do, just in case the problem is the application's installation. Just a few technical suggestions before you commence. Always, restart the computer to empty the ram of all possible error issues after using this recovery trick. Never attempt this if you computer has sustained a serious crash, restart computer. You can also do with within Windows' safe mode by pressing F8 right after the Bios Post Page.

To implement this technique, simply go into your control panel, access the add/remove feature. Then proceed to the application in question, select the change option, and use the repair installation option. Sometimes this is buried in the remove option, if the change option doesn't appear, simply select repair installation. Keep in mind, not all applications support this, and if yours doesn't, simply request the feature to be added from the manufacture. That's it. The repair option does the rest of the work, by itself. Restart computer when this is finished. This should fix most software error situations.

If this doesn't work, download the latest version of the software, uninstall the previous version, restart the computer. Delete the folder in the program files folder, just to be sure. Then install the new version. Restart the computer. Load the software.

At this point, if the software doesn't work, head over to their technical support page.

Next week, I'll be explaining how to recover your Window's user account, and how to prevent losing access, in the first place. I'll also explain a neat backdoor access trick you can use to remove a password from your account, if you lose access completely.

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