Docky - Creating a Macintosh Feel

Installation and demonstration of Docky in Ubuntu to recreate a more Macintosh feeling of navigation and design.

Steve Smith, host of your Technology Questions Answered, demonstrates how to create a more Macintosh feel and navigation in Ubuntu 11.04.

Episode #1-36 released on June 5, 2011

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When working with many operating systems, we start to see how all navigation systems are similar to each other, this is only because of the human condition, and the very fact that we very nearly function all alike. Whether its left or right sided navigation, or a dock on the bottom or top, we all start getting used to particular ways of doing things. It very nearly becomes instinct and/or second nature, we can eventually start using our computers automatically for various common everyday tasks. Some users may prefer the Windows way of doing things, this episode is for those who want a more Macintosh feeling Ubuntu. The first step was to remove Unity, which we covered last episode. If you didn't see that episode, please remember to go view it right now or at least after this episode is done. The next step is the installation, setup and usage of Docky.

Docky is a program derived for one simple task and it excels at this very task. Its a dock, nothing more, but what you can do with it, is impressive. Fully adjustable this application allows you to fully copy the Macintosh navigation scheme.

Installation and Activation Process for Docky

  1. Open the Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Search for Docky
  3. Install Docky
  4. Click on Applications, accessories, then Docky.
  5. To load at startup, allow docky to "start when user logs in"

Usage of Docky

To modify the look and dock items, click on the orange colored anchor symbol. You may modify the look by making it look 3D, a panel mode, change themes, configure hide settings, zoom percentage, etc... You may also add other docklets to personalize your Docky toolbar.

Once you've tweaked docky, it works like any other dock, loading applications in the dock, and allowing you to view your optionally activate docklets.

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Final Speech

I'd like to thank you for listening to this week's episode of your Technology Questions Answered. Next week, we talk about an advanced recovery solution, and how to create and use such a backup/recovery method effectively. Don't forget to subscribe to our show, stay tuned for next week's episode on June 12. Stay safe and online. Have yourselves a great weekend!

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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