Scanning for Windows Viruses From Linux

Scanning and removing Windows viruses from Linux.

Steve Smith, host of your Technology Questions Answered, demonstrates how to scan and remove viruses from Windows using Ubuntu 11.04.

Episode #1-34 released on May 22, 2011

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Welcome to another episode of your Technology Questions Answered. This week, I'll demonstrate how to install and use a virus scanner using Ubuntu 11.04 to detect if your infected, and help you remove all viruses detected. This automatically solves the problem of files being locked and protected by the operating system, which may be counter productive. I'll also explain some dangers of doing this, and a way to recover your Windows machine if you delete a system file and even explain why viruses may want to attach themselves to system files.

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Viruses, Windows and Linux

Linux and Windows are two really different operating systems, from the start of time. Windows is the most common operating system, and leans, for the most part, on making the user interface and experience easy with little or no learning curve. Linux, primary a tinker's operating system, is built with many security enhances, most from the start of its creation. For instance, its required by Linux to enter your Adminstration password to install any software on the computer.

Installing Virus Scanner for Linux

  1. Open Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Search for Virus Scanner, in our case we are using the ClamTk GUI Front-end.
  3. Install Virus Scanner

Using Virus Scanner in Linux

  1. Open ClamTk Virus Scanner in Application Menus
  2. To scan Windows for viruses, select directory
  3. select host, then click ok
  4. If you need to scan specific directories, select those directories

Notes about using virus scanners in other operating systems

This virus scanner is pretty basic, and will find most viruses. Keep in mind, the limitations of the program. If you detect the virus within Windows, note the placement of the file, suppress the recovery files of Windows, enter linux, scan the directories the files exist, and remove all infected viruses.

If you delete a system file, use your Windows disk, enter recovery mode, and re copy a clean copy of the system file removed. This will fix nearly all problems with viruses.

Why do Viruses lock on to system files

Virus programmers lock on to system files because Windows will not delete or allow deletion of such files, because the computer will crash. Using another operating system circumvents this protection, but results in the same problem, using your Windows recovery disk, and simply using the recovery mode, will allow you to obtain a clean version of the file.

Thoughts, Comments and Possible Pre-emptive Solutions

After you install all you applications create an image copy of your Windows installation. Backup a seperate copy of your registry, for restoration purposes, but also to remove all traces of viruses infecting the registry. Backup all files regulary, and maintain full time virus scanners in windows.

Do not under any cicumstance open attachments, install applications from any pop-up whether you were looking for it or not. Always seek out the home web-sites of software, always research applications before installing. And never enter your credit card information into any application asking you to provide credit card information to clean you PC, its probably infected software.

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Final Speech

I'd like to thank you for listening to this week's episode of your Technology Questions Answered. Next week, we talk about how you can disable Unity in Ubuntu 11.04. This may interest anyone, like myself, that prefers to previous interface for the ease of navigation and simplicity. Don't forget to subscribe to our show, stay tuned for next week's episode on May 29. Stay safe and online. Have yourselves a great weekend!

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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