The FPS and the Game Controller

Troubleshooting Viewers' Computer Issues

We answer viewer questions, talk about web-site updates and the Subscribe and Win! Contest.

Episode #1-15 released on January 9, 2011

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Today, we answer a couple of viewer questions about video games, anti-viruses, and computer performance issues. News about our latest web-site updates, and a reminder about the Subscribe and Win! Contest.

Viewer Questions #1 :Bob, From Longueuil, asks - Why is it when I turned on my FPS and my character keeps moving backwards?

On first glance, we may assume that there is an obvious problem with the game and how the character is supposed to move. On closer inspection on Bob's computer, it is a simple case of interference from another game controller, in his case, a full flight control setup. The throttle of the game controller was directed backwards so the character was moving backwards. Solution, unplug any unused game controllers when not in use, and this problem well never present itself. Another case if having more than one game controller like, my Logitech Joystick and Racewheel, the game software tries to use both set of commands, and causes errors, so never leave a game controller not in use, in your pc while playing a game.

Viewer Question #2 : Jonathan, From Longueuil, asks - Why is my CPU usage so high after playing a video game on my computer?

Having had access to the computer directly, we had troubleshooted the computer to see if the performance issues had anything to do with the startup programs in the computer. After a clean install of everything, the problem, returned, and after confirming that the hardware was setup correctly, we decided to replicate then circumstances. We found that the Anti-Virus Avira Premium was the causes of the slowdown, more specifically, the avguard.exe file, which was consuming nearly 25% of all available CPU cycles. The cause, the read/write proactive scanner within Avira which was running virtually in overdrive. The solution, we installed AVG instead. My suggestion is this case, do not install bloated software with dozens of background sessions which steal away precious CPU cycles. This in itself may cause some flaws and security holes to appear making your computer more vunerable to buffer overrun attacks.

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