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Creating Your Own Podcast

Introduction into podcasting, software, hardware, tips and tricks.

On today's episode, creating your own podcast, and the Subscribe and Win! Contest.

Episode #1-14 released on December 19, 2010

Note: Starting now, instead of a long script to read, we are going to make our podcast show notes, shorter, and easier to understand. If you have any future questions, please use our contact page.

Making a podcast is easier than most people believe, the problem is finding good interesting subject matter that people want to see, and continue seeing on a regular basis. This is the time to think about the future, what you do now will be the ground works of a possibly popular podcast. Make sure you pick a unique name and prepare yourself for some work. Below are a list of software and hardware you may need. You will also have to use itunes to submit your podcast to an incredibly large audience. You will also need hosting, a programmer to make the XML/RSS file, if your not totally sure of yourself, but most of all, have fun.

Make sure you view the source of my podcasts for a real world example of a live podcast. You will be able to submit your podcast to iTunes, feedburner, etc... once you've created a working rss with your first episode. If you have any questions about software, most software choices I outlined below come with help manuals, for extra help vist their web-sites or contact me.

Tips and Tricks For Audio

  • Speak Loud and Clear
  • Bring the microphone close to your mouth.

Tips and Tricks For Video

  • Record in bright areas that a well lit
  • When using a video camera, use a tripod
  • Look into the camera

Suggested Hardware

  • Microphone
  • Headset or earphones
  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lighting or Floodlights

Suggested Software

  • Audacity
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Debut Video Capture Software

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Steve Smith | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions