Updating your Computer System

How and why your should update your computer system.

On today's episode, updating your computer system, new tools on www.zedaxis.net and the Subscribe and Win! Contest.

Episode #1-13 released on December 12, 2010

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Updating your computer's operating system is important, but just as important is updating your software and drivers. There are a few ways of updating drivers. With some version of Windows, the Windows / Microsoft update tool in custom update, allows you to update drivers for hardware. For software, usually higher end software comes with auto updaters. You may have to visit the developer web-sites periodically to make sure your up to date.

Updating system drivers, software and hardware is fairly easy, usually, you do need to remember that most companies place the driver and software updates is a support section, where they may bury old hardware driver updates. Keep your eyes open, and you should find them.

Reasons to Update Your Computer System

  • More Features
  • Better System Stability
  • Better security from patching
  • Better Memory Management

Our next episode will be on making your own podcast, software you can use, tips, tricks, suggestions and places where you need to submit your podcast.

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