Good Internet Surfing Practises

Learn good internet surfing practises.

Today's Episode is on good internet surfing practises, wikipedia, viewer question and Subscribe and Win! Contest.

Episode #1-12 released on December 5, 2010

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Note: Starting now, instead of a long script to read, we are going to make our podcast show notes, shorter, and easier to understand. If you have any future questions, please use our contact page.

Surfing the internet today is a interesting adverture itself. You have many choices of search engines, information guides, web-sites, resources sites, etc... You, sadly, have many infected, pirated, and spoof web-sites. You need to know how to protect yourself online. How about a few pointers?

Ways of Staying Safe Online

  • Search the internet using popular search engines - using obsure search engines may leave you in a lot of trouble with comprimised databases.
  • Never use the word, free, as a keyword - you'll have an unbelieveable amount of illict sites at your disposible.
  • Look at the domain name extension - If the domain extension looks obscure, its probably not somehwere you want to go.
  • Do not download anything from unknown web-sites - if you never saw this web-site before, ask around, or search the history of the web-site.
  • Turn off Javascript - If your allowing javascript to run actively, you may encounter viruses be loaded into memory.
  • Update Your Security Software - You must always be running up to date anti-spyware, and anti-viruses.
  • Do not use your administrator account - if you get a virus by accident, it acquires the rights of the user, but if your online a restricted user, it can't do anything damaging.

Question: How Long does it take to make an episode for TQA?

Preproduction is about 2 hours per 5 minutes, mostly in research. Post production, uploading, and posting, about 3-4 hours. Recording is anywhere from 15 minutes, to 2 hours, depending on hosts ability to pronounce and say everything correctly the first time. As long as there is no microphone, video hardware glitches, lighting problems, or sound issues.

Our next episode will be on updating your computers drivers and software, the why you should do it, and how it can be done.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Steve Smith | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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